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Mountain Bike Trails

The rapid growth of mountain biking as sport and exercise has seen Clixbys specialise in the design and construction of purpose-built mountain biking trails to entice and thrill riders of all abilities.

Hugh Clixby will take on a mountain bike trail from the macro or micro setting-out stage of the project, through to completion and opening, with lots of ridding in between. We have built cross country, downhill and 4x and all our projects have come in both on time and budget.

Our trails are predominantly machine built using zero tail swing excavators, for maximum power to footprint ratio, fitted with Encon tilt/rotator units for the ultimate digging, shaping and grading versatility. Then the trails are all hand finished by our specialist trail finishers. Most of our small team ride and love their mountain bikes and we ride all over the UK and abroad.

Our main client has been Forest Enterprise. We work closely with their engineers, recreation departments and any local rider groups that may be involved. High-profile projects to date include the 38km Dalby red route, the new Kitchener trail in Sherwood Pines and the high-level, high-exposure and high-fun Altura trail at Whinlatter complete with the Rough Riderz descent.

Photographs of our work have appeared in all the leading UK mountain bike magazines.